Tokyo – Japan 🇯🇵

My first time in Tokyo was different than expected. Maybe I did expect a “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” kind of experience and I thought most people would speak English but 80-90% of the people don’t speak any English at all. Overall, it  was a very beautiful and interesting trip.


My friend Gert-Jan was also in Tokyo for a holiday so after I arrived, we explored the city together but we also attended Ad:Tech, a Grand Sumo Tournament and the Tokyo Game Show.

Do what you do best… Enjoy food, food and more food 😉

Ad:Tech (Tokyo International Forum)

Grand Sumo Tournament (Ryōgoku Kokugikan)

Tokyo Game Show (Makuhari Messe)

Papa, can you buy me some typical Japanese erasers? Sure Daniella, here you go 😉


P.S. Did I mention that they also have Starbucks in Tokyo?